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Welcome to Balintawak Olympia!

One of few schools in the area dedicated to the Filipino martial arts, we are the local training group of the greater International Balintawak Organization headed by Grandmaster Bobby Taboada. Our Pacific NW regional community is overseen by our liaison Guro John Soriano and consists of training groups in Bellevue, Bellingham, Bothel, Covington, Marysville, Renton, Seattle, Spokane, Tri-Cities, Vancouver, and Portland, OR.

Our mission is to:

  • Create excellence in the understanding and application of the Balintawak cuentada system

  • Foster a safe space of high moral character promoting humility, respect, and responsibility, and self defense for self, family, and community

  • Promote success, allowing students, practitioners, and teachers to reach their goals

We are moving indoors for the winter! Contact Itsa Shash for class times and locations. Visitors are welcome to drop by and observe the class.

Itsa Shash, Olympia Instructor

Call (253) 313 - 4523 

or email

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