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Itsa Shash LMT, owner of Oliniliztli LLC, is a proud member of The Massage Place Collective. 


The Massage Place is a collective of individual owners working together to bring quality holistic healthcare to the South Sound Community. 


541 McPhee Rd SW

Olympia, WA 98502

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Or Call/Text (253)313-4523

Since entering the massage field in 2015, Itsa has primarily worked in therapeutic clinics specializing in injury rehabilitation. His style is excellent for addressing specific ailments, such as headaches, overuse injuries, or acute physical trauma; while also acknowledging lifestyle, physiological, and emotional contributors. The goal is to develop a healthy nervous system through maximizing structural integrity and joint freedom while eliminating or greatly reducing pain. Itsa received his Reiki II certification in 2005, his Professional Kinesiology Practitioner certification in Oriental medicine, Touch for Health Applied Kinesiology, and Holistic Healthcare in 2010, and his Bachelor's of Science in biology in 2010. Massage Lic # MA60566787    

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