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Oliniliztli Movement Arts

We are happy to share our culture to support and uplift our communities!

Reach out to Itsa Shash to discuss more about your community event


Cell phone: (253) 313 - 4523

We often partner with Balintawak Seattle for Balintawak Eskrima demonstrations, depending on the size and nature of your event

To learn more about Itsa's Programs around Poetry and Native American Storytelling, Music, and Social Dance click on the following link

Language: Nahuatl
English translation: Movement

When Itsa Shash founded Olinilizli Movement Arts LLC, it was only fitting to choose a name that honored 'Movement' as the philosophical foundation that truly rests beneath every art that is shared. As an Indipino decended from Nahua, Chichimeca, Apache, Cebuano, and Ifugao peoples; all of the services that Itsa offers are not only his passion, but also an extension of himself and heritage. Every art comes from a long line of culturally rooted practitioners and teachers.

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