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Oliniliztli is proud to be one of the only local schools dedicated to the Filipino Martial Arts, commonly known as Eskrima, Arnis, and Kali. 

We seek to:

  • Create excellence in the understanding and application of the art

  • Elevate the mental and physical well-being of our students and instructors

  • Foster a safe space of high moral character promoting humility, respect, and responsibility and self defense for self, family, and community

  • Promote success, allowing students, practitioners, and teachers to reach their goals

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Taboada Balintawak Eskrima

We are the local training group for the International Taboada Balintawak Organization. Led by COA (Level 6) Itsa Shash of Oliniliztli, our group is overseen by our regional liason to Grandmaster Bobby Taboada, Guro John Soriano of Balintawak Seattle.

Taboada Balintawak is a world class martial arts system known for its use of emphasizing the single stick combat within close quarters to develop speed, flexibility, and control while maintaining full power under stress. The stick is seen as a training tool, or an extension of the body, used to develop adaptable fighters that can defend themselves against the unpredictability of combat.

In our Taboada Balintawak Curriculum Classes, we emphasize "teaching to learn, and learning to teach". In this manner, we foster of community of mutual need and respect; each one helping another to succeed.


Double Stick Calisthenics

Our calisthenics classes focus less on the combat applications of eskrima, and more on the ergonomics of movement, mind-body coordination, and developing flexibility, range of motion, grace and power in a balanced way between the left and right sides of the body. 

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